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Top 25 of The Coolest Facts About Lobster

You have to admit Lobster is a delicacy that everyone loves, but did you know all these facts about lobster? Did you know that lobster was once considered the, “poor man’s chicken?” Read more facts about lobster below…

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  1. Lobsters, believe it or not, aren’t red. Lobsters turn red when cooked, but in their main habitat they’re green, yellow or bright blue.
  2. Most lobster fisherman won’t keep the small lobsters or the really big lobsters. The reason behind this is because the smaller lobsters need to grow and the really large lobsters are great for the gene pool.
  3. The Station House Restaurant serves Maine Lobsters. Maine Lobsters must be at least 3 ¼ inches to keep but can’t be over 5 inches.
  4. During lobsters mating season, eggs usually aren’t fertilized right away. The female lobster stores the male’s sperm and fertilizes when she chooses to do so.
  5. Lobsters can shed their shells just like molting.
  6. When food is scarce for lobsters, they turn cannibal and eat smaller lobsters.
  7. The name for lobster eggs is Roe, just like fish eggs.
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  8. Maine Lobsters are clawed lobsters and often have the meatiest claws.
  9. Caribbean Lobsters do not have claws and their sold mainly for the tails.
  10. Lobsters feed on the bottom of the ocean where they find snails, crabs and clams.
  11. Lobsters can be found in the murk of the bottom of the ocean, dug into the mud.
  12. It’s speculated that lobsters can live for 100 years.
  13. Some lobsters can reach up to 40 pounds.
  14. Some lobsters can reach up to four feet in length.
  15. Lobster is a great source of protein, offering almost 28 grams of protein per cup.lobster dinner near palm beach county
  16. Lobsters are great for the heart. They offer omega-3 fatty acids which studies show are a great source of heart healthy diets.
  17. Lobsters are actually classified as crustaceans like shrimp, barnacles and krill.
  18. The American Lobster you’ll find in the Atlantic Ocean bears a scientific name of Homarus amercanus
  19. Soft-Shelled Lobsters, known as “shredders” are a delicacy in some countries.
  20. If you’re into catching your own food in the Sea, you can catch lobster with your own hands, but be sure to wear some industrial gloves because their pinch hurts.
  21. A soft-shelled lobster is known to have a more tender sweeter meat.
  22. Lobsters used to be so plentiful that after big storms they would pile up on shore.
  23. Lobster blood is actually clear unlike human blood which is blue until it comes out as red.
  24. Lobsters have teeth in their stomachs.
  25. Maine is one of the most famous places for lobster, and some would argue one of the best places to purchase lobster from. This is why The Station House Restaurant serves the best of the best Maine Lobster.

We hope you liked our “Top 25 Facts About Lobster” and we hope you stop in to try some of the best Maine Lobster in Florida at The Station House Restaurant. We proudly serve the best lobster dinners in Palm Beach County!



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